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PCO – About


About the PCO Licence.

The City of London commands a huge demand for licensed private hire drivers. This site offers all the information and advice for making the process of becoming a licensed private hire driver in London easy. Our aim is to make the whole process easy for you to start your new career in the minicab trade. Here you’ll find all the answers to your questions or queries and you can rely on us to constantly update this website to help you along your chosen journey.

What is the Public Carriage Office?

There is approximately 90,000 private hire drivers, 50,000 licensed private hire vehicles, and 2,900 private hire operators in London and over 5 million trips are made every year by taxi and private hire vehicles. All these are licensed by what was known as the Public Carriage Office (PCO).  They ensure that vehicles, drivers and operators all meet the standards required. The PCO is now TfL (Transport for London) Taxi and Private Hire which perhaps describes more accurately the area in which they operate. This site refers to London’s Private Hire Drivers Licence as the PCO Licence. It has all the relevant information you’ll need to get your PCO licence. If after browsing our site you have any questions please give us a call.

Although we offer all the latest up-to-date advice and keep abreast of the changes introduced by TfL you may still wish to contact TfL directly . If so, please use the following details:

TfL – Taxi and Private Hire Office Palestra
4th floor (Green zone)
197 Blackfriars Road

Email: Telephone: 0343 222 4444 Fax: 020 3054 5314

If you want to become a Private Hire Driver in London your application will need to be submitted to TfL . We offer full support & assistance. TfL are ultimately the body which will make a decision on your application. We are the people who can help you along the way ensuring you make the most of your chosen career.