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PCO Licence cost

The PCO Licence Cost is £499.99

The Application Fee (Payable to TfL)£310
CRB online application (Recommended)£55
Or CRB Paper Application (Optional)£58.85
Medical Check with your GP£0
Topographical Training£50
Check & SendFREE
Our Administration charge to take care of “everything”£50 + £25 DBS admin


Looking at the above figures, clearly you can see that the PCO Licence cost is approx £500 + whatever your GP charges for a Medical Check. Once your Licence is granted it will be valid for 3 years. Not a bad investment for 3 years of opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money in London!

If you have the money and the passion just give us a call and let’s get the ball rolling! Please take a look at our Platinum Package here.

The packages are designed to take away all the form filling hassle.

If you are in receipt of income support or other benefits you may be entitled to some financial help. Please contact us for further details.