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PCO Licence Application Requirements

There are 5 major PCO Licence Application requirements for London.

1/ The correct Application Forms.
2/ The Medical Check.
3/ The DBS Check (Criminal Record Check).
4/ The Topographical Test.
5/ The English Language Requirement (SERU) + Speaking & Listening Tests.

This not an exhaustive list but highlights the essential points which need addressing before your PCO Licence application can be submitted

The PCO Licence pre-requisites. Before you apply please note the following:

You must be 21 or over – If you are under the age limit please don’t apply.

Full UK or European Driving License held for at least 3 years (less any periods of disqualification) – Please contact us if your driving license is coming up to being 3 years old or has already reached 3 years.

Enhanced DBS check issued within the last 3 months – If you have ANY convictions/cautions this may affect your eligibility so please seek advice before making the application.

* Undergo a Medical Check (Group 2 license equivalent) – All new and existing drivers have to meet the same medical fitness standards as HGV and PSV drivers. If you have any Medical conditions please let us know before you start spending your money. We can advise you accordingly.

* Pass the Topographical Skills Test – This is a map reading test. We have been a TfL Approved Topographical Centre for a number of years. Now we conduct the Topographical Training for 00’s of candidates each year. We provide independent training packages to prepare you for the test.

English Language – You must show evidence that you have the required level of English Language Skills. You will need to pass both a SERU Exam and a Speaking & Listening Exam

Please note, if you have penalty points on your driving license, criminal convictions/cautions or have any court case(s) pending this “may” affect your fitness or repute and subsequently mean TfL will not grant your PCO Licence. If you are in any doubt please call 0343 222 4444 and seek clarification before you decide to go ahead.

So once again, please make sure you meet all the PCO Licence requirements before spending your hard earned money.


Point 1.  Application forms

Pco_ApplicationFirst things first, if you’re looking to become a Mini Cab or Chauffeur Driver in London then the correct forms needs to be completed. TfL constantly make changes to the application progress, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. Don’t panic we can fast track your full application to TfL.

If you prefer to start the process right now from your mobile phone please visit our online PCO Application portal:

But if you prefer to come along and see someone in person that’s fine. Opt for our Platinum Package. We not only apply for you but speed up the entire process so that your application can be Fast Tracked to TfL.

Point 2. Have a Medical Check

Pco_licnce_app_sumary1We strongly advice all potential applicants to undergo a medical check asap. This will highlight any underlying problems early on (should any exist).

We can provide you with a Medical Declaration form. If you’re a Platinum Package client we supply all forms free of charge. Don’t worry if you have high blood pressure or are a diabetic. TfL won’t stop you from applying, you’re just going to have to meet some standards which we can explain when you come in.

Point 3. Complete your DBS check

pco_lience_app_summary2Complete a DBS check with a specific Online Disclosures company. Every applicant for a PCO Licence must carry out an enhanced DBS check.

Please note, once you have completed the DBS check you have 4 months within which to submit your full application to TfL. So it’s safe to say, we’ll make sure your application gets submitted within time. DOn’t panic if you have convictions, especially if they are spent. We understand TfL’s Licensing guidelines so please feel free to have a chat if you’re worried about something in the past.

Point 4. Topographical Test & SERU Exam.

pco_lience_appp_sumary3As part of the application for a PCO Licence you will need to demonstrate your Topographical Skills (map reading ability). We provide full support and training to candidates from all backgrounds and learning abilities. Please note, we were a TfL  approved Topographical Test Centre (Barking). Naturally, we are in a strong position to provide independent Topographical Training to people of all levels of understanding. The Topo exam route planning questions amount to 75% of the exam. Have a FREE TOPOGRAPHICAL TEST PRACTICE

We also offer full SERU training packages. This exam is based on the Safety, equality and regulatory understanding requirement which is all based on a handbook. It’s a multiple choice exam so you’ll need to prepare for this as well as the Topographical Exam. Try our FREE SERU EXAM

Unlike most mini cab firms we offer professional independent training across London. Our trainers are fully skilled and will ensure you get the best possible help no matter how hard you find it!

Point 5. Go through the application checklist .

PCO Licence application 2014-04-21 11-36-46

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary documents we will submit your application to TfL.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays we recommend you use our services, we’ll ensure your application is complete and meets TfL’s requirements.

Not only can we submit your entire PCO Licence application online to TfL but we also provide unlimited training advise and tips on how to make your chosen career rewarding.

Once your application is fast tracked to TfL they can take up to 4 weeks for them to reply and invite you to come and sit your exams. They book your test date not us. However, if your test date is too soon it can be re-booked to a later date. Our advice is to start preparing for the exams as soon as we submit your application. This way you’ll be 100% ready to give those exams a good attempt and no regrets. The last thing you want to feel is that you could have done better!