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TfL’s Topographical Test

What’s the TfL Topo Test Pass Mark?

The Pass Mark is 60%. You’ll get two chances to pass. If you don’t achieve a Pass then a new application needs to be submitted. So let’s help you pass the first time.

If you’re applying for the first time why not choose our Platinum Package. This package is our best seller. All you need to do is book the appointment and bring some docs. We have all the forms. Part of this package includes some Topographical Training. Our computer based training is the same as TfL’s.

In addition, we offer 1to1 training classes where you can make sure you’re 100% ready for the exam. To set us apart we’ve been providing our services since 2009 and we’ve worked alongside TfL as a Topographical exam centre. We’ve had first hand experience with most of the TfL Topographical assessors too. So rest assured we know what the tests are really going to be like. You’re in the best hands London has to offer.

If you want to see our training platform please take a look at our sister website here.

Topographical Test & Training.

One of the major PCO Licence Requirements is that you can demonstrate a good standard of route planning skills also known as Topographical Skills. You will need to successfully demonstrate sufficient Topographical Skills to TfL before your licence can be granted. All Private Hire journeys are pre-booked so all your journeys can be pre-planned. You won’t need the same level of “knowledge” as a (black cab, hackney carriage) taxi driver. 75% of your exam will be based on route planning questions.

Our Barking site has held TFL Topographical Assessments for Years. We still independently provide topographical training classes to cater for all learning abilities. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to Pass, we provide best training to get you passed asap.

Our Topographical Training Classes are held daily so you can book at short notice too . Fancy trying out our route planning software?

Free Topographical Route Test.

How Do I Pass The Topographical Test?

To obtain a private hire topographical test certification in London, you must exhibit a sound grasp of the city’s streets using both a Map book and mapping software. This test is a standard prerequisite for private hire driver licenses in London, evaluating your geographical knowledge and navigation skills. Here’s how you can successfully prepare for and pass this topographical exam

The Test Format:

We’ll help you familiarize yourself with the specific format of the topographical test. It typically consists of a computer-based examination where you’ll be asked questions related to compass points, index & page numbers, general topography and route planning. The exam lasts 1.5 hours


We hold study materials such as topographical maps, road atlases, and training materials. Our Online training platform is based exactly like TfL’s. These resources will help you prepare and pass the test confidently.

Online Maps and Apps:

Take advantage of our unique online mapping tool to explore London’s streets and practice navigation. It’s exactly the same as TfL’s exam platform.

Practice Routes:

Practice route planning within London using our bespoke training platform which mimics the TfL exam. Practice navigating them until you can confidently plan routes without mistakes. We allow you to cover a variety of routes throughout the city.

Mock Exams:

You can purchase one of of fairly priced Topographical Practice Packages online at When you have finished your mock test we will mark it and give you valuable feedback which will further enhance your skills. Remember 75% of your exam marks are based around the map questions!

Join Study Groups:

Consider booking a 1to1 with one of our professional teachers. Here we discuss discuss routes and go through all the TfL modules you’ll be tested on. We then allow you onto our platform to have unlimited practice sessions from home. All your sessions will be marked by us and detailed feedback will be provided.

Time Management:

When taking the actual test, manage your time effectively. Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about a question, move on and come back to it later. When you book in for some training further essential tips and tricks will be explained in more detail.

Practice Under Test Conditions:

We can help simulate test conditions when practicing using our platform. If you do a Topo Mock Test in-house with us we create a quiet, distraction-free environment to take practice tests under timed conditions exactly like TfL.

Calm and Confident:

On the day of the test, stay calm and confident. Remember that you have prepared extensively, and you have the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Review and Reflect:

After taking practice tests with us, we review your answers and identify areas where you may need further improvement. Focus your study efforts on these areas.

Official Test Booking:

Once you feel confident in your knowledge, TfL will book the official topographical test for you. The idea is once we submit your application to TfL the training can commence so you’re ready when they issue your test date.

Remember that passing the private hire topographical test in London is essential for obtaining your private hire driver’s license, so thorough preparation is crucial. At LPLC we are have the most up-to-date information on test requirements and procedures

The list below gives general idea of what is actually required:

General Topographical Skills

  • You need to be able to look-up and locate streets, stations, and hospitals within the Greater London A-Z Map Book.
  • You need to be able to identify major stations, post towns, districts, hospitals, stations, and postal districts using maps.
  • You need to know the primary compass points.
  • You need to know the names of the counties bordering London.
  • You need to know the motorways that radiate from the M25.
  • You need to be able to specify the direction from London of a major town – for example you may be asked which direction from London is Birmingham?
  • You need to know which motorway you would use to reach a major town – for example you may be asked which motorway to reach Leicester?

Route Planning Tasks

You need to be able to plan several routes between 5 and 30 miles using computer based software. As mentioned before we have exactly the same os TfL’s so don’t panic we’ve got you.

As you can see you’ll have to be able to use a map competently, have knowledge of the compass points, be able to use these to plan and execute any given route. Don’t worry if you feel unsure or apprehensive as we provide full training to cater for people with varied levels of learning & understanding. We’ll put your mind at ease and get you through it.

Where can I take the TfL Topographical Test?

You can only take the real Exam at one of TfL’s venues. However, you can take practice exams from home using our software. Simply head over to here. This link will take you to our sister site where we offer all our online training packages for SERU and Topographical Test.

You may be exempt from taking the Topographical Test.

You will not need to take the topographical skills assessment if you have evidence of any of the following:

  • You were previously licensed as a London private hire vehicle driver and had passed a Topographical Skills Assessment
  • Are a licensed “All London and Suburban” London taxi driver
  • Are a professional London Tourist Guide (e.g. Blue Badge Driver Guide)
  • Can provide evidence of a recognised & relevant vocational qualification in passenger transport (eg NVQ or equivalent)

If this is the case then we’ll include a photocopy of your evidence with your PCO Licence Application.