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PCO Licence Check

Transport for London have created a great tool to check whether a private hire driver, ​operator or vehicle is licensed. This is useful for if you are an operator checking on a potential driver’s licence, if you are a ​driver checking up on a potential employer, or perhaps even if you are using a vehicle and want to ensure that it’s licensed.

Check a licensed private hire driver or vehicle



Find licensed private hire operators

Another PCO Licence check tool that may be of use is ‘Findaride’ service where you can find licensed minicab offices and other private hire operators in your area. This is quite a useful tool if you are looking for employment and trying to find someone to work for. Some companies advertise for new drivers but it’s usually good to take up the initiative and go directly to them.


Why is licensing important?

Licensing and regulation gives passengers the confidence that when they use or board via a Licensed Private Hire Operator, Licensed Driver or Licensed Vehicle that they are dealing with a legal, honest, professional organisation with reliable drivers and safe vehicles. Together we aim to keep London’s roads safe and provide a better & safer mode of transport.