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LONDON'S PCO LICENCE CENTRE (LPLC) We'll Help You Apply For Your PCO Licence.

  • Complete Package
  • Computer based Topographical Training(£50)
  • FREE Mock Test (On-sight)
  • Medical Form for your GP To Complete
  • DBS(£55) Admin (£25)
  • TfL Fees (£310)
  • Submission to TfL(£60)
  • SAVING OF £20

  • Do a Topo Trial Test from home
  • Full breakdown and feedback
  • Route Planning
  • Master your Topo skills
  • Comfort of your own home
  • Easy to use
  • Full video instructions
  • Try It Today!

  • TfL Topographical Test - £70
  • Computer based Topographical Training - £49.99
  • Computer based Topographical Training + TfL Test £100(Saving £20!)
  • On-sight Computer Topographical Trial Test - £24.99
  • One Site One Venue
  • SAVING OF £20!

  • 6 hour training session
  • SERU Training and Trial Exams
  • Advice on the Speaking and Listening Exam
  • Tailored Classes For Reading & Writing
  • Professional English Language Preparation Classes
  • Unlimited Advice and Support
  • Quick Booking Facility
  • Convenient Appointment Times
  • Easy Booking At Your Leisure
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Topographical Trial Testing

Take a Topographical Trial Test before your real TfL exam, only £24.99! Real exam conditions, real questions, strict trial testing environment. A great way to give yourself a chance to experience the real thing. Remember, you only get 2 chances to Pass

We "independently" offer the "Topographical Trial Test" package. Speak To London's Experts

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London’s PCO Licence – The Requirements, Application Procedure & Costs.

Welcome to London’s official PCO Licence website. Rest assured you’ll find the most up-to-date information on London’s PCO Licence here.

PLEASE NOTE: The Topographical Test will be conducted and invigilated by TfL at Bridge House (Rear entrance), 1st Floor, 150 London Road, Barking, IG11 8BB.

 All other services will be provided Independently by The Vehicle Site & PCO Licence London .

If you meet the PCO Licence Requirements, the step is to make a PCO Licence Application to TfL asap. Opt for our  Platinum Package. We take care of the entire process. From arranging your in-house appointment to submitting your full application to TfL and assisting you with the English Language Test.

By now you must have questioned yourself about wanting to be your own boss, get away from the 9-5 and choose to work when it suites you. Becoming a PCO Licensed Driver in London is the very career path 000’s of people are turning to. One huge advantage is the use of “mobile apps”. As a driver you can now take advantage of working for several companies. The rewards are fantastic with earnings ranging from £500 to £2000 per week. The only limit is the time you are prepared to put in and who you work for.

This website is kept up-to-date. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to go about getting licensed and the options available to speed up the process considerably. There is a great demand for PCO Drivers in London so what’s stopping you? Apply Now!

PCO Licence: What is it?

The PCO licence is a licence to undertake Private Hire Work in London. Although the official name is a “Private Hire Drivers Licence” it’s commonly known at the PCO Licence. For the purpose of clarification this website refers to “London’s Private Hire Drivers Licence” as the “PCO Licence”.

It gives you an entitlement to carry passengers for hire and reward. Without a PCO Licence no minicab operators or offices in London will employ you.  Remember, it’s illegal to carry passengers for payment in London without being appropriately licensed by TfL. If you are found doing this you surely risk being licensed at all. Private Hire is totally different from Hackney Carriage. Private Hire journeys need to be pre-booked unlike Hackney Carriage journeys where Drivers can ply for hire and their journeys do not need to be pre-booked. A person can stand at the road side and thumb a lift from a Hackney Carriage Driver but not from a Private Hire Driver. All Private Hire journeys MUST be pre-booked.

Keep to the law and make an honest living. As a licensed driver you have the freedom and flexibility to work when you want and be your own boss. You’ll have a worthwhile career with the potential to earn a £50,000+ salary.

You can look forward to great bonuses during seasonal times e.g Christmas and New Year when the potential to earn and save increases.

PCO Licence Requirements?

If you want to get your PCO licence then you’ll need to fulfill a few requirements:

  1. You must be over 21 years of age.
  2. You will need to have held a full DVLA, Northern Ireland or European Economic Area(EEA) state driving licence for at least 3 years.
  3. You must meet the DVLA Group 2 medical standards similar to those required for drivers of large goods vehicles, buses and coaches. This is done by having a 30 minute medical with your NHS GP.
  4. You will need to undergo a DBS (Criminal Record) check to ensure that you are an honest and trustworthy person
  5. You must provide evidence of your Topographical Skills to show your map reading and route finding skills (we provide specific training and support for this)
  6. English Language Certificate (B1) – Evidence that you can speak, listen, read & write. There are exemptions to this rule. Please call 020 3780 1055 for further details.

PCO Licence cost

The total cost for a PCO Licence is £499.99.

  1. Topographical Test – (Please see Topographical Packages tab above)
  2. DBS Check £55 (admin £25)
  3. Medical Check (only required if you are NOT an existing Bus or HGV Driver) £60-£160 (With your own GP)
  4. Application processing and grant fee to TfL £310
  5. Administration charge to submit your application to TfL £60

With our Platinum Package the cost for the PCO Licence is fixed and the biggest benefit of all is we take care of “everything” so that you get licensed asap. Our expertise in this field is unrivaled.

PCO Licence Application

We provide a quick solution for the PCO Licence application. Not only do we have all the forms but we also nail the whole application in 1-2 hours! Please take a moment to read our website and the various services we offer.

In order for the PCO Licence application to be  considered you must provide evidence of:

  1. Topographical Test – Evidence of Journey planning skills.
  2. Medical Check – Proof that you are Medically fit enough to be licensed.
  3. DBS Check (Criminal Record Check) – To determine your fitness and repute.
  4. English Language Competency – To prove you can speak, listen, read & write in English

Coupled with the above you may need to provide further information as TfL have specific criteria for different people. Once the application is complete it can be submitted. The time it takes to get licensed is 16 weeks which can also be delayed further due to investigations based on your Medical or Criminal Record checks. If you opt for our Platinum Package we can considerably reduce this time.

We offer various packages which makes life easier. Over the years we have established a professional relationship with TfL’s Licensing Dept so rest assured you’re in the best hands London has to offer. Call today and let’s get things moving? If you’ve already made up your mind we’ll help get your PCO Licence application submitted asap.



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Bridge House (Rear entrance), 1st Floor, 150 London Road, Barking, IG11 8BB

Tel: 020 3780 1055

Closest Station

Barking Station (5-10 minute walking distance from our office)

District Line or Hammersmith & City Line

Are you hoping to become a Licensed Private Hire or Chauffeur Driver in London and want to know more about the PCO Licence Application? Look no further. This is where you'll find exactly how to apply for your very own PCO Licence and everything there is to know about the PCO Licence application. Not only are we London's favoured company, we also provide helpful PCO Application Packages to suite every individuals needs.

"This centre provides a fantastic one-stop-shop. I gave them a call and the advice I got was up-to-date and hassle free. I would recommend this company to anyone making the PCO Licence Application"Mark Summers from London

Keeping London's​​ Roads Safe

All Private Hire Drivers must be licensed by Transport for London. Not only is this the law but it also means your passengers will know that you have been fully vetted and are a legally licensed Private Hire Driver

Approved by Transport for London For Topographical Tests

Fully Approved by Transport for London to host London's Topographical Tests.