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Topographical Test Cost – Payment Policy

Our professional services are provided on demand and tailored to suite your learning abilities. Payment is due on entry. We have no hidden costs.

  • Please note, as of 1st October our charges are as follows:
    • £55 for Advanced Topographical Training only
    • £50 for the TfL Topographical Test only
    • Combined Topographical Training & Test £85 (£20 Saving)
    • FREE Topographical Trial if you choose our Platinum Package.

All successful candidates will be issued a PASS notification by TfL. If you prefer you can pay via:

  • Paypal (2% surcharge)
  • Cash
  • Card

Please be aware that with any training if the trainee is finding it extremely difficult to grasp the concept of route planning, reading a map or index/grid references there may be a need to arrange for extended training which we can provide.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice we can assist you in achieving a successful Topographical Test result.

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No hidden costs!

Things to consider

  • Which firm will I work for?
  • Should I rent, lease or buy a vehicle?
  • How much is insurance?
  • Which type of vehicle should I consider?
  • MOT
  • Tax
  • Shared vehicles?
  • What about PSV or HGV operator licensing?
  • Self-employed status and tax implications
  • You will need a qualified accountant unless you do your own returns
  • Keep receipts and monitor expenses
  • Good garage to service and maintain your vehicle
  • Regular oil changes extend the life on any engine
  • Daily walk round checks on your vehicle
  • Consider having regular safety inspections
  • Starting your own mini-cab fir
  • Attending road shows, keep abreast on the latest changes

Questions about your assessment

How much do you charge for the PCO Topographical Test?

As stated above

How long will it take to sit the test with some training?

2 appointments are required. One for some quality training and another for the Test itself

How long will it take to get a pass certificate?

Each candidate who demonstrates sufficient knowledge will receive official notification from TfL

How many people fail the test?

If you can read and understand English then there’s nothing to worry about. We will deliver a training package which ensures you’ll be in the best position to pass. Ultimately it will boil down to your performance on the day.

Which proofs of ID do I need to bring on the day?

2 forms of identification:

  • one MUST be photo ID (Passport or photo driving licence) and
  • the second must be a utility bill (council tax bill, bank statement or credit card statement)

If you are unsure please call and we can discuss.

Do you offer further help and assistance (apart from training and assessment) in becoming a licensed mini-cab driver?

Yes. From looking for an appropriate vehicle and raising finance to introducing you to a mini-cab company and beyond.

Can you help me to complete my application for a licensed private hire driver and/or DBS checks?

Yes surely, we can help you with any of the above.