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Topographical Training Centres

All previously accredited Topographical Test Centres have been withdrawn. From 1st October 2016 TfL has introduced new guidelines for conducting the Topographical Tests. They basically conduct all assessments themselves.

The number of Topographical Training Centres.

The number of Topographical Tests Centres has been drastically reduced. We were one of the approved testing centres based in East London. Naturally, we are experienced in assisting people train for the topographical test. Our centre has been open for over 10 years.


Most people just think about finding something local for sheer travelling convenience. Is this a rational way to make the right choice about something which is going to affect your chosen career? The simple answer is no. When it to comes to finding the right topographical test venue for you, distance should be the least deciding factor, or you may end up paying more money in the long run, simply because you failed to do some important groundwork.

What they offer.

Like with anything, do your research! Google some potential companies, see how much emphasis they place on providing the right facilities, the right environment, the right trainer for you. Do they charge extra for specifically tailored training? Do they provide a standard training package which is uniquely geared towards your individual training needs? Do they offer further help and support beyond just carrying out some basic training? Do they provide support with the PCO Licence forms, the DBS checks, the medical checks or are they simply a mini cab firm providing a training service on the side! Remember you are making a life changing career and you want to be given the best possible chance of achieving a successful outcome. You don’t want to book with a firm which doesn’t go out of it’s way to provide the best facilities nor go that extra mile by e.g helping you find work, arranging your medical or even finding an accountant to deal with your tax returns!

The hidden costs.

Always phone a company prior to making your final choice, are you only ringing a mobile number or is there a landline too? We strongly advise against calling Training Centres who only promote mobile numbers. Ask about “any” extra charges and highlight any potential training needs you may need. Ask how much training experience the trainer has. How long have they been providing the service, has their centre ever been officially approved by TfL? Are there any charges for using their Atlas or Maps etc? Do they charge extra for weekend sessions? All these questions need to be considered/asked prior making a final decision. Don’t leave anything to chance, never assume anything, always make sure you have covered everything.

What level of training do you need?

There’s always something in your head that says “What if I fail” Well surprise surprise, no-one knows how well they’re going to perform so you need to be assured no matter what your training needs are, the help and support, without added costs, will be provided within the price quoted . We have heard many sad stories from people who have ended up paying £180 for the Topographical Training alone! Then there is the medical check-up, the DBS checks, the Post Office check & send service, the licence processing fee and the licence fee too! All these costs add up quickly. Make sure you book your Training wisely or you will be out of pocket in a big way.

The training facilities (and the room you will be trained and tested in).

Like with any training you’ve sat in the past, the room was always away from any noise and distractions. Make enquiries about the centres’ training facilities, the training room, the trainer and what comes in the price you’ve been quoted. Are there “any” hidden costs at all. If you’re looking at something local to you, is it a mini cab firm? Bear in mind that there will be phones ringing in the background and people talking while you’re trying to concentrate on your training? Do you really want to take the risk and stand a chance of failing the test? And then end up paying again to do it right the second time around? No, you need to make sure you’ve done all you can to guarantee the best possible chance of passing.

Making the right choice.

If you’ve taken all the above into account then you’re on the right road to making the correct choice. We, at the Topographical Test Centre here in Barking, offer everything under one roof. We are not associated to any mini-cab firm(s), we are a Training and that is in contact with TfL weekly and was previously a TfL Approved Test Centre. We offer tailored topographical training programs to suite EVERYONE, full support and assistance with all the PCO Licence forms, a professional training environment with no noise, disturbances or distractions, a professional trainers with excellent training experience, assistance in seeking employment, finding a car, insurance quotes, setting up your own mini-cab firm and even sourcing a suitable accountant to take care of your books.

If you’re looking for a reputable TOPOGRAPHICAL TRAINING CENTRE please give us a call today.

Make sure you spend your money wisely, book your Topographical Skills Training with the experts, call our dedicated booking line today on 020 3780 1055.