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Yes the changes are real and some of them have already been introduced! TfL are totally clamping down on PCO Licence Applications.  Whether it’s a New or Renewal Application you will be affected so please READ ON.

What changes are going to be introduced to the PCO Licence Application Process?

1/ New Topographical Testing – Book your Topographical Test with us.
2/ New English Language Testing (B1) – Prove that you can speak English or you WONT BE LICENSED from 1st October 2016. We are going to host the B1 English Language training & tests at our Barking office. Dates being drawn up and will be posted here shortly.

Whether you’re a new applicant or renewing your PCO Licence you’ll have to meet ALL the new requirements. No If’s or But’s. It’s happening and its real! They are cleaning up the industry.

If your licence is due to run out you’ll be required to meet the new English language and Topographical Test requirements. TfL have said the new requirements come into effect on 1st October 2016. However, they are still yet to release the actual specifics around the Type of English Test requirement. They have only indicated a B1 level will be required. As soon as anything further specific news/dates have been confirmed we will update this page.

Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions regarding a New or Renewal PCO Licence application please feel free to contact us:
Tel: 020 3780 1055 Email: PCO Licence enquiries

What do I need to do?

  • Save this page in your Book Marks for the latest updates
  • If you want to get licensed quickly. Try Our Fast Track PLATINUM PACKAGE  By CALLING 020 3780 1055
  • We continue to assist people in applying so don’t worry or panic. We got this!
  • Be careful who you book with. There are too many fly-by companies claiming to help you get licensed but actually have no official authorisation nor any proven experience in the Private Hire Industry. Some companies who have been struck off still operate illegally.
  • Check out our PACKAGES

Our commitment.

We continue to meet ALL the new TfL requirements. If you want to make a new PCO Licence Application give us a call.  If you’re looking to do the new or existing Topographical Test give us a call and get booked in. We have the best trainers in London, Baz is our most experienced Topographical Trainer. With over 20 years of training experience he is the man to get the job done. If you want to do the new English Language Test, no problem we got this too! As and when the new changes come into force give us a call and let’s get you Certified with your very own English Language Test Certificate.

We continue to offer an all-in-one appointment service. London’s Experts!