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Struggling to complete your on-line PCO DBS (CRB) application?

An enhanced DBS (CRB) check from the Data Barring Service (or what you may know as the Criminal Records Bureau) is required from every PCO licence applicant.

The DBS Check checks your personal details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer and will reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.

All your past convictions, whether spent or unspent will be disclosed during the enhanced CRB checking process. If you have any concerns whether you’re eligible for the PCO Licence please give TfL a call on 0343 222 4444.

The PCO needs to make sure that you are safe, honest and a trustworthy person. That you are the type of person who deserves to be licensed as a Private Hire or Chauffeur Driver. The DBS result will help TfL make a decision as to whether you are eligible for the PCO Licence. They will consider both your repute & fitness to hold a PCO Licence.

Onlinedisclosures have been contracted by Transport for London (TfL) to provide all DBS checks for taxi and private hire drivers. It’s recommended the DBS check is done online as it’s much quicker than the paper based process.

It’s cheaper, easier and quicker. However, if you do not have access to a computer or an email address, the paper-based application is available. Alternatively, why not let us do your DBS check for you? Click here

The DBS check is only valid for 4 months so make sure you send off your application as soon as you get your “E” reference number via email. If you leave it too long then you may be forced to do a fresh DBS check.

Paper based DBS checks

If you prefer you can request a paper application pack. The paper application costs approx £55 plus an ID checking payment. We strongly  recommend all applicants do the online DBS check.

How to do the On-Line  DBS check

Contact us and we’ll apply for you. We only charge a small fee for this service. So if you want it done right give us call today.

FAQ’s about the DBS check:

What do I do about a DBS check if I’ve lived abroad? All applicants for the PCO-Licence need to do the Enhanced CRB check (except those people meeting the exemptions rules) regardless of how long they have been living in the UK.

What if I have a criminal record? Having a criminal record doesn’t instantly disqualify you from getting licensed but if you do have any previous convictions then they will be assessed on a case by case basis using the following criteria:

  • Nature of the offence(s)
  • Circumstances in which any offence was committed
  • Circumstances of the individual concerned
  • Subsequent periods of good behaviour
  • Overall conviction history
  • Sentence imposed by the court
  • The applicant’s history as an “existing private hire driver” (if any)
  • Any other character check considered reasonable (e.g. personal references)

Please note that sexual and violent offences will most definitely rule you completely out of getting your PCO Licence although it is still possible to have a drink-driving charge but still be eligible to get a PCO Licence. If you have convictions and are concerned please call the TfL Licensing Team on 0343 222 4444.

What if I have points on my driving licence? Having points can’t stop you from applying and getting your PCO licence as it depends what the conviction was for, the sentence imposed and how long ago it was. If the points are for minor offences then you may find that there is no problem with your application but there is no clear yes/no for offences and you may only find out once you’ve applied. But be aware, points on your licence could effect your insurance premiums.

I’ve already got a DBS Check which I did before, do I need a new one?If you have already done a DBS check which is no more than 4 months old, TfL will only accept this if it was done for TfL or one of it’s departments. If you’re still unsure please call them on 0343 222 4444

Can you help me do my DBS check?Yes. If you need any further help and support with your DBS application please give us a call. We have some great Packages aimed to make your life easier. We can do your DBS check on-line for a small fee.