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PCO Car Hire

PCO CAR HIREIf you’re  starting out in the private hire trade then we strongly  recommended you initially hire your vehicle while you get to grips with the job and perhaps still finding out if it’s really the job for you.

All vehicles used for private hire need to be licensed so it’s not a case of simply using any car. There are certain cost implications with either option of getting you own ​vehicle licensed or paying for rental. Please note, some operators will require you to have a vehicle newer than 5 years old and yet again this may influence your decision as a newer car will cost more to buy. Coupled with this is the new vehicle age limits introduced in early 2012.

How much does PCO Car Hire Cost?

You can usually rent a licensed private hire vehicle from your operator but the fee will vary from operator to operator. Expect to be paying around £240-£350 per week or around £25-£35 a shift. This may sound a lot but this will also cover MOT, upkeep and repair and ​insurance. Should your vehicle breakdown then you can easily get a replacement and not lose out on any income.

There are external companies who now offer PCO Car Hire ​but often these will cater for the higher-end vehicles and are only viable for short-term rents.

How much will it cost to use my own car?

After factoring the cost of buying your own vehicle, the PCO Vehicle License will cost you approximately £100 and is outlined on this page. You will also be responsible for taxing your car, paying for the MOT, insurance, keeping the car in good condition and be aware of the amount of mileage you will be doing which may effect the amount of repairs needed on your car.

If you’re searching cars for sale ​​​then make sure you’re aware of the new rule changes for 2012 which relates to the age of your vehicle.

If you are a company specialising in the hiring of PCO Licensed Vehicles please place your cars for sale on

Our Top 10 PHV Manufacturers in London

There are currently around 49,000 Private Hire Vehicles operating in the Greater London area and it may be of use to see what cars other drivers choose to use before deciding on buying or renting your own vehicle.

  1. Toyota – 7845
  2. Volkswagen – 7750
  3. Mercedes – 7284
  4. Vauxhall – 5961
  5. Ford – 5946
  6. Peugeot – 1899
  7. BMW – 1341
  8. Nissan – 1298
  9. Honda – 1054
  10. Chrysler – 942

These 10 manufacturers account for 41320 of the total 48778 Private Hire Vehicles in London so they should give you an idea on what other drivers choose to drive and may influence your own choices.