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Info About The B1 English Test

By now you must have heard about the new B1 English Language requirement. TfL have stipulated a new ruling in September 2016. All drivers whether new or renewal will need to provide proof of their ability to Speak, Listen, Read & Write to a B1 level of English. This means taking a test or exam.

We have 2 options.

Firstly, you sit a 3 week course and Exam with a local college here in Barking. There is only a £10 admin charge but the rest is FREE. If you fail you will not be entitled to a re-sit.

Secondly, you pay £250 to take the Training and Examination for the B1 on the same day. Your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills will be assessed. On a typical day expect to be trained in morning and then take the exams in the afternoon. If you fail any part of the test you’ll only re-sit the failed part. This option is very popular as it’s Unlimited Re-Sits.

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