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PCO English Test, B1

The B1 English Language requirement is a must for all drivers!

PCO English Test

All New & Renewal PCO Licence applicants are required to pass the new PCO English Test. The current level set by TfL is the B1.

TfL have split the English Language Test into 2 parts. Both these parts will be tested by TfL. From November 2021 all new and renewal applicants will have to sit their English Language Tests with them. Speaking and Listening will be one part and the second will be SERU. Currently, you have until March 2023 to complete both. Yes, you will be licensed prior to passing the tests so long as you have passed your Topographical Test (again with TfL).


We, The Vehicle Site, previously only provided a booking service for the B1 English Language. Your actual training/examination was  conducted/recorded by an independent company “Margate School Of English” Headed by Robert Mark King, the director. In light of the changes introduced by TfL surrounding the new B1 requirements, Robert King has ceased doing any further Training and Examinations. If you are a client wanting to take a resit for any previously failed modules please note the following:

Robert King has requested all candidates contact Gatehouse Awards to book a resit or request copies of their certificate. Gatehouse Awards contact details. Tel: +44 (0)1924 609250. Email:

Robert King contact number: 07873 905842 / 07879 777816 / 01843 540393. Further contact information can be obtained via a companies house search on Google.

All personal/examination data in relation to your previous course was held independently by Margate School Of English Ltd.

Where do I take the PCO English Test?

Both parts of this examination will be held at TfL’s premises.

What will the PCO English Test Cost?

TfL will set a price for each of the 2 tests as they will be conducting them inhouse.

How long is the TfL English Language Test? 

Speaking and Listening will be approx 30 mins max and the SERU (Reading and writing) will be approx 45mins.

How do I revise for TfL English Language Test?

We will be offering training on the SERU examination in due course. You will have the option of training and trail examinations.

As ever, we always aim to make things easier for our clients. Please give us a call for further information.

TfL English Language (and SERU) Enquiries: 0203 780 1055